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Amazonia Floors



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Terms and conditions

No claims on the quality of the wood can be done against PLANCHER DE BOIS EXOTIQUE INC., if the humidy level is not kept at all times between 35% and 45%.

No returns on all ordered merchandise

30% re-stocking fees on any returns for exotic flooring.

Do not install this wood if you are not satisfied with the MILLING, TEXTURE, NATURAL COLORS or finish.

PLANCHER DE BOIS EXOTIQUE INC. will not be responsible for installation problems contracted directly by the client.

The humidity in the wood is between 6% and 8%.

A 10% stocking fee per month will be charged if goods are held for longer than a month.

Actual product colors may vary slightly from the colors displayed on the website.

Shipping charges may be adjusted based on actual shipping addresses or other information that differs from the original information provided.

NOTICE: The delivered merchandise remains the property of PLANCHER DE BOIS EXOTIQUE INC., until complete payment is made. The buyer and/or the consignee, recognizes the right of exclusive property by PLANCHER DE BOIS EXOTIQUE INC., the parties elect the judicial district of Laval. If payment is not made in accordance to the terms specified in the order, the collection expenses, the legal expenses and the court expenses will be payable by the buyer. All complaints must be done within 10 days of the delivery date. Open boxes will not be accepted for return. The manifacturer will not be responsible for any complaints resulting from an order error or a visual defect after installation. Installed floors with the visual defects at installation time will not be considered as legitimate complaint.

A 10% stocking fee per month will be charged if goods are held for longer than a month.